Hooray for Handstands

Design by swizz

Hooray for Handstands by swizz on Threadless
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it would cost maybe 6 dollars to go to Hobby Lobby and do this with a blank shirt and some iron on letters or transfer paper...



Great idea... looks good as well


i love the style but i wouldnt pay $15-17 for it. sorry. maybe if there was some sort of imagery. Maybe a person in your style of drawing who is doing a handstand on top of the word 'hand'. It might be kinda funny cuz the dude would be right-side up, just kinda hanging onto the letters, when you're not doing a handstand. just an idea. i do like the worn-in look, too.


who says "touché" to something they just said. gosh.

shirt: good idea.


awwwwwwwwwwwww orginal. i would've NEVER thought of that hah.


my friend wrote 'remember: you are STILL drunk' upside-down on his shirt once- this reminds me of that. $5

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