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HOOMIN GO IN MA MOUF! by zoso1 on Threadless
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zoso1 profile pic Artist

depicting the eventual doom facing humanity in the form of the great T-REX apocalypse!


What's he saying in English... or does it not mean anything (like in a monster language)? I like the drawing; skip the words.


HaloGirl: "human go in my mouth"

living inside the mouf of a t-rex seems ideal. I could sharpen my tongue with his teeth :)

zoso1 profile pic Artist

i was thinking the same thing. i think i posted a tad hasty, looking at it now i'm not in love with the placement or the text...

Personal Genius

I love everything about it except I wish he had a tongue (unless that black pointy this is his tongue??) Also, maybe s/he could be holding a person, ready to bite down?

But I was able to read it right away!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

it's like the godzilla version of the "im munna eatchu!" cupcake.

zoso1 profile pic Artist

Personal Genius: another version of the dino had him holding a car... and yea that pointy shadow is is tongue.

and i never seen that im munna eatchu cupcake before. this is my first submission to threadless, and i humbly say that i know i can come up with some better stuff. consider this my introduction to the community. keep an eye out for my next one y'all!

criticism is always welcome, i wont get all but-hurt over the honest critics like some others i've seen on here. i can take it yo. thx!


it would be good either way (text/ no text). totally see it on a kids shirts, as well as guys

zoso1 profile pic Artist

thanks! yeah i am a gallery and street artist, this design here is kind of a deviation of my normal signature style. maybe i'll throw some more zoso-ish stuff up here and see how it goes over.

zoso1 profile pic Artist

yeah its hand drawn with pen and then cleaned up and colored with photoshop.

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