Honey Moon

Design by Karnaf

Honey Moon by Karnaf on Threadless
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I love the fact that it took me a second to realize those were the shapes of bears sitting together and looking at the moon.

I am not normally one of the critics who say "I don't get it and therefore it's silly," but I do, like most people, prefer to "get it."

This one's nice cause I "got it," but then I looked again and got a little more out of it.

So, um. 5$. :)

The Ending

I think the only possible problem might be the old "the moon is made of cheese" thing. I thought it was runny cheese..... then again.... im a moron.


Sooooo cute! I would totally buy even if the honey does look a little like cheese, I get it and that's all that matters!!!


this shirt is f'n adorable, i love it, i will buy it. $5

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