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I really like the design, but the kid doesnt merge with the elctronics smoothly.
Great illustration, though!

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Since you took your time to comment on my Semi-Permanent submission, and if I may add in such great detail, it is only fair to give you my constructive criticism.

I like you illustrative style, I like the fact that it has a 1950s retro style which I'm a big fun of. I actually got a book on them, "All-American Ads of the 50s" (by Tachen) which I treasure, because it is a great source of inspiration and frankly that style has so much character. If you are interested look up for the ones also of the 40,s 50,s 70,s and 80,s I recommend them.

I like also that you have distressed the illustration - it re-emphasizes the fact that it is retro and old-fashioned.

The tin robot is another great American design. They have always fascinated me and another proof of great design from the 50s. I use for reference this guy's website cause he is one mad collector:


As for the concept behind this design I think I get it. Well this is my interpretation:

New Yorkers like many other citizens of big cities tend to follow a never ending routine. Millions of people doing the same things again and again. A repetitive lifestyle that almost reflects how robots repeat the same action over and over again. By placing the kid on the top and the robot at the bottom it is like a reflection of the New Yorker who is becoming more and more like a machine. I don't know why you chose a kid but I can only explain it that is what you see in New Yorkers. Kind, friendly people? or big kids playing with their grownup gadgets.

I’m guessing that you used the 50s style because it was a golden era for consumerism and capitalism but I don’t know how much that reflects New Yorkers or if it tells something about their habits.

As for the robot I think you should have chosen something more sinister. You see a robot is cold, has no feelings and that is what you need to make the proper contrast between a human and a machine. For now the tin robot is too friendly.

One more thing that bothers me is that your tin robot illustration was done with a 3d feel when the kid is clearly 2d. They look a bit off and they would have looked better if both in 2d or both in 3d.

Coming to the color choices feel they are perfect. I'm a fan of khaki and yellow and they do add to the feel of the illustration.

Last but not least the "05" is nicely placed at the bottom and very subtle. Even though if someone who didn't know about the competition wouldn't pick it up straight away.

I hope this feedback helps you with your designs. I'm a strong believer in constructive criticism. It has always helped me to make my designs better, not all comments and opinions are right but they make you see your designs from a different angle that you might have missed out.

I wish more people did give better feedback; it saddens me when people leave behind one liners and dismiss a design straight away, especially when those are fellow designers. Then again that might be proof they are not designers at all.




" Theres something about people in NewYork that make them stand out from the usual citizens of earth. Now we know why..."

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