Homo Superius

Design by travis76

Homo Superius by travis76 on Threadless
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loglow profile pic Alumni

centered on green and a little smaller = $5

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i like it bottom corner too and without the ground shadow


I'd say put the title somewhere on it, it makes it funnier...

loglow profile pic Alumni

Damn bloody shame.

Manos profile pic Alumni

Really like the idea using Stranley Kubrick's monolith.
Why did this got scored so low? I'm guessing not many people got the idea of the monolith. :/

Goodwork travis

Ava Adore

yeah this should not have got dropped. average score of tees are being so much lowered now.. compared to about 600 scores at the start of this year to get an avg of 3 or over.. whilst 1200 can have you under 2.5, becuase people are automatically scoring every single tee they see low and I just dont think its fair at all.
Ive seen some excellent tees that have got over 1000 scores but scored very low.
someting needs to change in how people score and not let them score 0 to everything.

i think this design was perfect for this comp.
nice work!.

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