Hommage to Jim Jarmusch

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Hommage to Jim Jarmusch by amarillo on Threadless
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Randy is driving :-)

amarillo profile pic Artist

"Brookland" is a quote from that film: A mixup by a naiv, recent arrived immigrant from East Germany in the early nineties who didn´t understand english really but works as a taxidriver... I didn´t know that a Brookland really exsists, that´s funny;)

amarillo profile pic Artist

Thanx a lot, Stevethegreat and Jennifuhrer for your links and informations;)
"So this is Randy!":)
"So this is Brookland!":)


that's a fucked up name to be calling your kid, helmut, in english that's like naming your kid lampshade or some shit...

best movie ever...

amarillo profile pic Artist

I absolutly agree, radistaticstar:)

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