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Homesick friend by Mr Rocks on Threadless
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haha, i love it!

5+ buy


awesome, but are you allowed to use the Mars Attacks! martians?

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I was wondering when you were going to submit something! Very nice, excellent use of color and a very interesting illustration indeed. I'm hesitant about the round shape (with ben day dots reversed) in the background, I really don't think you need it.

What's up with your other stuff, why the hell didn't "Powered by Mezcal" get printed, that was a great shirt. You should get this stuff printed one way or the other, start your own company, easier said than done though.

I don't think you have to worry about any copywrite issues, it's a freakin alien with it's brain ontop of it's head.


Love it, but isn't that copyrighted?

artchimp profile pic Alumni

ya gotta change the head... otherwise, it's top notch.


i want it.

reminds me of a simpler robt williams concoction.

this is the type of tshirt i like to wear.

i am watching mars attacks right now (coincidence or synergy? u decide?). yer alien does remind me of these aliens, but mars attacks aliens actually have globular heads /brains/helmets, yours is more like a mason jar..

the bg lattice makes it look a bit generic.


this is really awesome, and the kid just makes it. the mars attacks similarity is haunting, though. watch out for Captain Copyright! otherwise: must..own..


too much like MARS ATTACKS.
kinda a disappointment.
with your talent you should be able to come up with an orginal looking alien.


Wooo... mask attack ~!!


He he he



Ack ack! Ack ack ack!!

Dr Mick

Nice design but I'm worried about the psychological state of the artist. I think the kid represents an infantile attitude towards sexuality - perhaps the artist has a desire to be digitally penetrated?


very very cool! Mar's Attacks? This Island Earth? Who frikin cares - the best creatives always crib ideas from other geniuses and I think Mr. Rocks falls in that catagory given the other work I've seen of his here - but darn it, I wish Threadless would print one - enough of the artsy-smartsy stuff! Give us some old-world pop culture!
Rock on Mr. Rocks.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

Last day, and I must say what a great amount of feedback, I am stoked. I must thank a number of people who always add a positive tag, I appreciate it so muh.

I would like add that although my idea was inspired by a certain bubble gum card series, it is still an original piece and idea. I don't think there are any copyright issues, and doubt that threadless would have a problem with it either (case in point: 'Neon Monkey' t shirt is an illustration of the old 'Planet of the Apes')

Thanks again to all who voted and commented. You all rock!

Mr Rocks


please please please print this!

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