Holy Vatican Soldier

Design by classicoke

Holy Vatican Soldier by classicoke on Threadless
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classicoke profile pic Artist

this is crap, pull it please

  • scratching my head * no sense what so ever
the czar

Nice drawing but really hard to make out the soldier

classicoke profile pic Artist

this is my own concept for my graphic novel Kreuzschwarz, if anyone stolen it they will pay with their... well lets just say ill be unhappy and cry a little

soaring penguin

would be funnier if it were the swiss guard and their most excellent outfits... hehe


I liked the previous version without the crest better (already voted 5 on that one). Also, I would like to see this on a white shirt rather then on yellow.
Anyways, it's a great design and I would wear it (as an ironic statement, because everyone who knows me knows I'm an atheist).

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