Holliday Rumble!

Design by theurbanraptor

Holliday Rumble! by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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Just to let you know, 'holliday' has one L.
Sorry, my mum's an english techer so I'm a little paranoid with spelling.
Nice idea [:

UnRumble profile pic Alumni

pretty awesome. I'd probably buy it on gray, don't like the white


"Sorry, my mum's an english techer so I'm a little paranoid with spelling."

Hope she's good at "teching" irony.


Very clever!

atomic child

i like you line work on this sub alot cleaner

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree with Thanksgiving and Christmas being in a rumble, but i do so love the old-school cartoon dust cloud fist-a-cuffs! I'd actually like Jesus behind the cloud looking down in utter disdain and being pissed off at the holiday representations that have been created in his image that are now acting so childishly...and make it BIGGER on the tee with more astuff flying out. Still, nice idea!


Yes she is extremely good at teching irony (:

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