holiday house

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lilly didnt understand the game and everyone was tired of trying to explain the rules to her. "10 pts!". "what do i win!?". oyi.


yay, i love family games when i go home

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I misinterpreted. I thought this was like wizard of oz and they landed the house on something (like what jerks do when they hit roadkill- "ten points!"). Oh well, the house is charming regardless of meaning.

renfrue profile pic Alumni

:-) Seems Lilly is not the only one who doesn't understand.

10pts ÷ 2 = 5


i thought the same thing mjoo


I hope mjoo is right cause then it would make me love this shirt


I don't get it either, I figured the house was like Mario jumping on a multiple armed monster.


I steeled myself to nonsense when I saw this was corey9's design. Rationality and logic does not exist here.

That said, I don't like this as much as your previous designs.

corey9 profile pic Artist

thanks for the good words all! nothing to get. the things everyone is seeing as arms/legs i drew as shrubs/trees but however you see em is cool.

corey9 profile pic Artist

thanks all!

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