hit by a rocket

Design by Karnaf

hit by a rocket by Karnaf on Threadless
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classicoke profile pic Alumni

ha, coolness


The ring of grey around the hole confuses me. But I really like the smoke and the lines in the sky.


I agree with juliagoolia about the ring. Like the rest.


Great idea and execution.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I just LOVES me some "Death Becomes Her" hole through the ho-ha submissions! I thought the outside ring was supposed to represent the fabric of the shirt being ripped striaght through- with or without it this would still be one shirt i would "rocket" on over to Threadless to buy! (that atrocious word pun was made in honor of "Pigs in Space"). 4

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

i love the idea but needs more work on execution.. 4

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

great stuff

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