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Mmmmmm, tasty Minimoog!

(For those who don't recognise it: Minimoog

Hmmm, I suppose country should have been included. There have been at least 3 country-Moog LPs. Dunno about punk or metal though.

Nitpicking, sorry.




after seeing the cool photo asfi235 linked to
I wish the design had a tighter illustration of the minimoog

franx profile pic Alumni

nice one

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'd much rather this with a few of the musical styles written in such a way that would reflect what the musical movement was all about (eg- punk written all sloppy with a spike collar wrapped around the lettering, etc), or at least a splash of color here and/or there to spice up the design. As is, i like it but it feels too Urban Outfitters for me. Nice work tho.


I agree with the fonts thing.

Plus, I think the genres you chosen are a little incongruous, especially in their contribution to pop music. New Wave, I would argue, has had very little influence on pop music compared to hip hop.

I think you could also drop metal and put in "classical", which has had a bigger influence on pop.

Overall though, a great design that could do with some changes and a resub. I would like to see the speech bubbles in different colours?



i'm such a sucker for pianos. good luck on your last day!

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