His Milkshake is Better Than Yours

Design by frakfraco

His Milkshake is Better Than Yours by frakfraco on Threadless
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LOL. But honestly, I don't think this would age well. (Though it is very funny).


$5 (if the text is gone)


i think the animation alone would earn you nonsense points. which would make this more desirable.


Maybe this is just my own ignorance, but what is the connection between the picture and the text?


Shake it like a polaroid picture! I love it, but the text is a little too much, or maybe just too big and central.


Too bad that is Tower Bridge and not London Bridge behind our camel friend.


I actually really like the bridge...that illustration's awesome! Just sub that part, but not on yellow, lol.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

no one would EVER get the connection to the words, but i think it is a good concept which needs some more visual clues of what you are going for (perhaps some small arrows with the "london bridge", "humps" and "milkshake" words next to them). I don't think there is anything wrong with liking those songs, because all of them have some really inventive beats and ideas in them...unlike gwen stefani new stuff and mims.


dude this is off the chain funny and cool

well done

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