His Interchangeable Hands Were Numerous

Design by pokermonk

His Interchangeable Hands Were Numerous by pokermonk on Threadless
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if that's not a song it should be.
i like the title so much that i kinda think it should be there somewhere...maybe on the back or something.
i think it's hard to see that they're interchangeable hands without the title.

arremgee profile pic Alumni

Move the design up and write the title on the back. Designs placed there just look awkward.

But, I /need/ this shirt. Seriously. 5+$


move it up, but don't put the title on the front. i think it would detract, as you feared. maybe on the back or the bottom.
5 otherwise.


move it on up! i totally love it. i'm a robot/disney/peter pan/edward scissor hands fan and so this totally strikes my cord. i would love to know what the inspiration was for this design??? 5$...xoxo...coalbee

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