Hipster Doll

Design by jcmyk

Hipster Doll



ROFL That's amazing. Well drawn, awesome awesome supaa no. won idea.


yes! i will so buy this! a vespa would rock. 5$


I'd like to see a vespa, too. A pink one.
If you could do more than three colors. xD


i love everything about this. $5

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

very awesome! This is a nice and original idea, and a great execution. I see a winner!

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

i like it.. but the shoes.. are they suppose to be side/front view as other objects? i still give you 5$ though.. nice work


Definitely one of the cutest designs I've seen on threadless! I love paper dolls, and the fact that this is so well executed has made me vote $5.

slender fungus

that is one huge camera. and i agree, the bike seems a little out of place. i say put a record player there instead.

slender fungus

but still, that camera is overly large in proportion. and it's like, the only thing that's diproportionate. i'm not really complaining. i'd buy the shirt, anyways.


80's skateboard is cool. You could wear it ironically or not.


this is awesome!


omg freakin adorable... it's cute and hot at the same time, kinda like hipsters themselves... i'd definitely buy this and wear it with pride... my favourite design on the whole site right now... hope they print it!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

not bad, i kinda like it.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

i love it!
the only things that bug me are the belt under the gc shirt and the skateboard.... i feel the belt should be studded, all the scenesters here wear studded belts, white belts, and studded white belts. thats it.

and with the skateboard... it has no nose! i cant imagine riding my board without a nose.... id be so sad.

and a girl version would be pretty awesome as well.

slender fungus

hahaha, i just not noticed the "pure vegan water" brand water. funny stuff.


Happy Birthday!

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