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HIP-HOP by ClosedCasket on Threadless
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I looove it i almost reckon it would look better as one on the front one on the back, almost looks a little cluttered, the designs are beautiful on there own they either need to be smaller and next to each other on on back and front :) awesome design though

Rebecca Maxwell

Hey! I totally agree with the possible hip and the front and hop on the back! Sick job with the gradients/shading. You've got a lot of depth happening. Successful depth for sure. I say work on the layout of the two illustrations and you've pushed it to the max! Maybe even ditch some black lines and let your shading speak for itself??? SICK JOB. Can you take a look at my kid's piece and leave me a score and comment? THANKS:)The cutest cala-merry


love this style


Haha clever one! I like the concept!


Very cool concept. I like them both on the front.

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