Highway to Hell

Design by Glennz

Highway to Hell by Glennz on Threadless
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the "i <3 hell" sticker on the suitcase makes this great.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I like the design but eminkey2003 has a point about the content... why would the Grim Reaper be going to Hell? Nice execution though...


It's okay. The suitcase looks a little out of proportion with Death.


it's ok, but it looks like someone hijacked Glennz screenname to ride it to victory. not "Glennz-quality" work.


It's a great design. Nice and clean. More stickers would only clutter it up.

secretly robots
secretly robots profile pic Alumni

i was thinking the same thing as dangerous, this can't really be from glennz... this is your 3rd in a row that hasn't been glennz quality.. if the next one can't knock predicament out of the top spot i may lose faith in the almighty glennz.


i would buy this! too bad its not ranking anymore

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