highway robbery

Design by Andy_Mason

highway robbery


Big Ed

Funny. I bet people would buy this.
Yesterday was the first time I've ever put $40 in my car's gas tank.
I don't even drive an SUV for crying out loud. It's a crappy little sedan.


Topical! It's brilliant.


awesome idea. the pump kinda looks like a trashcan, but i'd buy it anyway.



nice idea and good execution, but it doesn't quite fit as a shirt.


I don't really like how he looks and it does kind of look like a trashcan. I'd totally buy it anyway, =P


OMG, we are not paying more than we should for gas, look at the rest of the world who is paying twice what we do, considering inflation we are getting a bargain. Even if someone were to argue we are paying too much (and they would be wrong, but for arguments sake) you could only realistically say we are paying 30-40 cents too much at most? DRIVE LESS! SLOW DOWN! GET A BETTER JOB! STOP WASTING YOUR TIME MAKING STUPID STUFF LIKE THIS!

This idea is obvious, and very poorly executed, but who cares how crappy it looks, the idea is just as bad and unoriginal.

You guys are crying about how you are paying too much for gas yet you'll WASTE your money on SH like this??? If your living in a trailer, driving a 15 year old civic and complaining about gas you deserve everything that's coming to ya because its your own damn lazy a fault, not because you think your paying too much for gas!


Not a chance, we Americans seem to be the only ones complaining. Not saying other countries do not like it, but then again they do exactly what I described in my last post. They work, they drive efficient cars, they use alternative fuels. Simple as that.

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