High-Altitude Fishing

Design by slaterock

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hah love the tree. but im not one for fishing. try to make it more diverse maybe?

slaterock profile pic Artist

Yeah I suppose the floating tree thing might be a tad pretentious. Seemed cool at the time:)




Sagestone looks nice... 5$


i hate fishing, but i love this.

chemi hydro

I've seen this design twice by 2 other people. This is a straight Jack. I give it a 0

slaterock profile pic Artist

Chemi, what do you mean by a "straight Jack"? I did the sketch for this awhile back, long before I came to threadless to post it. Can you show me links to the designs that are similar to this? I would appreciated that.


Very cool, very cool.
I'm lovin' the sagestone and the khaki.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Reminds me of Predicament (the one where the "designer" stole the idea of another designer)

slaterock profile pic Artist

kaloyster... yeah, I saw that design after I had started work on this one, but figured they were different enough that I would be alright posting. I actually have the sketch of this design that I did a couple months ago. I do give kudos to that Predicament design in regards to creativity.

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