High Voltage dilemma.

Design by Mr Rocks

High Voltage dilemma. by Mr Rocks on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Another great illustration from Mr. Rocks but I'm not set on the type treatment although I do like the font. Maybe if the High Voltage Software label was stuck on the back of the TV? There's that nice white space on the back of the TV, under the rabbit ears.


Nice work. to the point. High voltage does move you


nice! more skeletons! they're bone hard! ho ho ho


Genius - Mr Skellyton is VERY styleee! Great expression, pose and type. Lotsa fun. Ditto I think thelittlesthobo is mean spirited - does he/she not realise this T is for a competition?


Yeah sums it up, state of the nation!!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

Last day folks. Just a quick word to say thanks for all the feedback and votes. There is some really cool stuff coming through here, its a great creative forum, and its great to see 95% are positive people. Keep it up, and thanks again.

Mr Rocks


smokin! dude. Keep em coming!

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