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Hpopp profile pic Artist

Nothings more rewarding than zipping up to stay warm, except a high five on top of it!


cool $5


hahahaha!! i can see myself zipping up an down over and over again. good idea!!!


Bleh 0

Hpopp profile pic Artist

Gongone.....maybe wanna tell me why you gave my design a 0? Bleh isnt much help ._.


Awesome idea! 4

Hpopp profile pic Artist

VivaLaRocket that seemed a little rude :( i had a good idea, spent some time on it and made look as best i could. I didnt make this in paint, and how is it poorly done: theyre Cartoon bananas:( im a little offended.


@Hpopp Don't you hate it when you're trying to go for something and someone comes along and tells you to rework the whole thing according to THIER preferences. With really no constructive critisism. No comment to actually HELP you make your design better. I think it is a great idea, and even though I would have depicted it differently, I can appreciate your "style". I don't think this is poorly done, if it's supposed to be cartoony, then you hit the mark. :) Good luck!

staffell profile pic Alumni

idea is cool, but the bananas are an odd choice

Hpopp profile pic Artist

@livesintheboonies thanks a lot, i appreciate the support. @staffell haha yeah i cant draw people at all and i thought the colors would look good

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