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why are there so many sasafras subs?

BasicShift profile pic Artist

I am dissapointed to hear that such a minor detail caused you such great distress (it could be his tail by the way) -- 2 points is a large jump

but I must remind myself that this is Threadless and harsh 15 yr old critics without subs or useful info are to be expected...
que sara sara


i love monsters, i like this, but the white line does not make your monster, on contraire its doing otherwise, itakes attention away from your monster which is your main idea, right?


Er... I like the design but I do not like how you jumped all over the kid who criticized you, constructively even. =\<br />
I think I'm just going to skip it now.

BasicShift profile pic Artist

Kimmander is right, and I must admit I reacted harshly. I shouldn't do that. Sorry if I offended anyone.

It's a process here and after working professionally so long in the design industry its difficult to step back at times -- I'm hoping to hit the right audience here and I do need to adjust accordingly to the comments.

I appreciate all the feedback and any support. I also truly love those who help make the next sub that much better.

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