Hey... This Is Supposed To Be Still Life!

Design by BrandonB11

Hey... This Is Supposed To Be Still Life! by BrandonB11 on Threadless
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BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

Was flipping through my art history book and saw some still life paintings and thought of this design. Hope you enjoy it.

2/15 for October


lol funny :) the yellow realli..stands out o.o


bright color issue is just your monitor... color will be in printed ink and looks fine on mine.


BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

ya listen to canadianbeaver, on your monitor it may look bright but on a shirt it wont look nearly as bright, unless for some reason it was glow ink... but that would be crazy, so thanks beaver for clearing that up hopefully

and thanks to everyone that left a comment so far

herky profile pic Alumni

very cute characters, I like it on blue.


I love it.


If I didn't know the title, I'd think it was the escape from consumption.

But either way, the interpretations from this are good. :)


haha nice fruits! i knew u were a fruit all along. i especially like the two cheeries like in between the banana. they should be on each side of it :]

5 bucks

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

that picture is super sweet...

idk what else to say besides that it sucks that it has been done before and i guess at least its never been done on a shirt...

o and that whole shplameal about how i never say that comic so i just hope people can try and enjoy this design


i really don't understand why people can't accept that fact that some funny concepts are going to be redone. as for me, i have never seen a non-still life design on a tshirt. i think its hilarious and well done.



i like this... this is funny


BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

that is probably an even better idea having them run away from being eaten then the whole still life thing....

thanks for that


BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

cool 2.01

not too shabby

i want to try and break 2 more often so this is a decent start

thanks for all those who voted and thanks even more for those who commented

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