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"Hey, Stop Clubbing, BABY Seal!!"

Design by Flying_Mouse

"Hey, Stop Clubbing, BABY Seal!!" by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

"A baby clubbing the baby seal costume which he wearing."

Do you think people will STOP IT when they see this scene in front of them?

Hopefully they will.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Do you think people will STOP HIM when they see this scene happen in front of them?

Sorry for the wrong grammar.


Good executive. Let the kid wear it and hopefully the adult will get the message.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I like this one because its kinda wrong.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

(but in an amusing way unlike your other one which was conceptually pretty awful for t-shirts)


this is adorable and sad and wrong and everything all at once...

making it MENSA-LIKE in brilliance


This one says to me... Clubbing baby seals is funny and cute, and a silly cause. Not sure that is what you meant.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Canadianbeaver, that is what you get in your mind. Is not mine. If you want to know more about this design, please read my comment above. Thanks.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

heh 5$


they're still clubbing seal? whatfor? baby seals are the cutest!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

hahaha I love this and would wear it, but I don't know if I would be wearing it for the reasons you would be intending. I would just be wearing it cause it's funny to me. But, I have sick humor.


Flying mouse, I was being, constructive and pleasant. Not the only one who felt this way either. Maybe it is a language thing.

You have know that not all comments will be favorable. I was very polite too.


Did you see my comment on your last version of this?


I agree with CB. I don't think the image projects what the artist wants it to project.

Flying mouse, you obviously feel very strongly about this topic and I applaud you for that. For this purpose, try to see the final submission the way we do: for the first time and without such a strong feeling about this particular issue.

Your drawings are very good, well polished and have an opinion. You don't see that on many threadless subs.


this would be great, if there wasn't allready a similar t-shirt on t shirt hell allready. Well, it's a similar concept, the design is totally different. cute drawing though.


I had to do this to a baby seal that swallowed me during this
past Mother's Day - everything turned out fine


If seal clubbing looked like that, I would be all for it. $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Very interesting comment section so far, and i must say about this design...that i REALLY dig the presentation style for this one! It looks like we're spying on the Threadless crew from some grainy security guard camera. I feel like Trent Reznor's gonna burst through the picture at any moment. I like the design, but like many people said on here FM, I like it because it seems goofy and naughty without going all-the-way to overly offensive. MAybe your point will come across more clearly if you make a puddle of tears on the ground from where the clubbed seal has been crying. Still, a 3 for you since the design is quite eye-catching and interesting.

roboroller on May 15 '07
this would be great, if there wasn't allready a similar t-shirt on t shirt hell allready.

If you are reffering to the one that says "Dont club baby seals" and has a picture of a seal out in a nightclub with other women dancing around it, that is ridiculous to say these designs are even remotely going for the same thing. There's a billion different tees for "save the earth" as concept, but you can attack that design from a million different ways.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

You are genius, man! You tackle this with the smart way! I like this, 5$! =)


so cute

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