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As the sun's eyesight started to fail and nights began lasting until ate afternoon tea, ophthalmology companies around the world rejoiced at the billions of dollars they were paid to construct a pair of head-resistant, several thousand mile long pair of glasses. This way the sun could once again locate Earth from its extremely blurry vision of outer space and send its sweet sun nectar in our direction. What those greedy companies didn't think about was the sun would now be constantly firing double lasers of death flame at any spot its glance would fall upon for more than a couple seconds. And the sun just so happens to really enjoy keeping up on newspaper world affairs.

A collab scorcher by Toopersent and Frickinawesome!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

haha nice one! 5$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Glad I could work with Ramsay so intently on this one, it was a ton of fun getting all the details right....Toops has developed an amazing illustration style all his own in record time, I expect to see lots more of fantastic characters and some prints in his somewhat near future me hopes!

Oh boy, off to a rocky start here i see :/

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

cool! nice work guys!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

HOT Stuff


awesome! $5


Very good!!!!


Nice work!



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