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Hey look- Wheat Thins are on sale.

Design by MonkeyTongue

Hey look- Wheat Thins are on sale. by MonkeyTongue on Threadless
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olie! profile pic Alumni

No offense, it's very professional looking and all, but I think this makes for a better inside joke than a t-shirt design. . .


I'm Australian and I hat having to share the shopping isles with those damn roos! It is handy to be able to jump in their pouches for a ride home though. Yee-hah!


Very beautiful illustration!


I think it's cool. You could make it a little simpler in some areas and maybe have a thicker outline around the person in front to help them stand out. I like the out of the ordinary feel to it and the idea of having the roo stuff things in her pouch rather than a shopping cart.


It's terrible when roos shoplift. Look at her, passing the stuff to the joey in her pouch so he can eat the Wheat Thins without paying. Yeah, they're on sale all right. Freaking five-finger discount. That's just not right.


for those who complain about how this image was made - i highly recommend reading the explination at monkeytongues above link.

very cool dude


neat! i like how it looks like a polaroid pic.

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