Hey baby, nice golgi body

Design by fraillittlegirl

Hey baby, nice golgi body by fraillittlegirl on Threadless
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fc gravy

cute, and yeh looks blik too.


looks like its copy the other shirt with the pet organism and the little girl


(disclaimer: this may be being waaaay to nit-picky)

-the eukaryotic cell should be much larger (~10-100 microns) compared to the prokaryote (~0.1-10 microns) - i'll give you artistic license, but the euk cell should be the same size or slightly bigger (not smaller), and the amoeba should be largest (up to 1000 microns)

-i don't see a Golgi, and there should be way more "stuff" (mitochondria and vacuoles) floating around in the euk cell

-what is the spiraly thingy?

it's not a bad concept, and could work well for blik, but it needs some reworking


It made me snicker, and I love cell biology, but I wouldn't wear it.


i WANT this shirt!
i NEED this shirt!


Really cute, but I agree with rudra about the little nitpicks, since I'm a bio nerd myself ;o) But from a design standpoint, it's well done and unique.


LOVE IT!! I'm all over this shirt!! I don't mind the size discrepancies and I identified what I believed to be the golgi apparatus right away. Great job, fraillittlegirl! I think I love you! :)


I think you should put a caption with your title on it, and then it would be more obvious to those who see the t shirt. But i would buy it :)


Cool. Can you blik it?


Great! 5


Kind of looks like one of them is an animal cracker version of Goatse.


Yeah, it would be great if the line was in there somewhere, and I'd love to see this as blik!

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