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Hexagon Dream by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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Ooooo. Totally MC. Escher! $4

Frank Vice

cool shirt, i like the left shirt color better. i love escher :)


too simple.


Shiny! $5! Hooray for everyone!


oh I forgot:

By the Power of GraySkull, change the shirt color! The lightblue in the graphic is quite nice, the yellow is not so much. I'd definitely buy it in the blue tho.


Tricky illustration.Cool!!!


it works.well. very well

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

DrVSP on May 18 '07
too simple.

I love your comments normally, but you're kidding right? What more could be added to this design to enhance what FM is going for? This illusionary tee is kinda magical and kinda needed in my wardrobe. So glad you took my advice and submitted it! lol. 4$

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

HukHands, what you mean "Stealing"? Please post the link of the design I stealing if you can get it, thanks.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

HulkHands on May 20 '07
Dumb, unoriginal, etc, and so forth. stealing famous artist's ideas is nothing special

So no one can make an homage to a specific style of artwork, but make it original enough that it becomes their own? This is remiscient of Escher's work, but by no means is it any of the adjectives you described.


The pole on the far right between the top two layers seems superfluous, to me.

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