he's gonna start a war

Design by ekaj47

he's gonna start a war by ekaj47 on Threadless
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mikemills profile pic Alumni

I like it. 5$

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

wars are old school

plus the way i remember it when you were going to have a break dance off we called them "battles" and battles are fought within wars right . . . right

it makes sense if you let it


I guess I'm the only one that doesn't like this.

Edword profile pic Alumni

it's pretty cool. good color choices.

filak profile pic Alumni

Nice $5

Luke... profile pic Alumni
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nice textural layers...


yeah the hierarchy of the text is a little hard to figure out. Start is the only text that is stacked, so maybe if you could incorporate in the same style as the other words it would read the right way. I do like the texture and the color choice, looks good on the T-Shirt. cheers : )

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

holly golightly gets my next set of street team points! kick ass

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

i meant to say holly golightly is the only one who picked up on where i got the words from

abeadle profile pic Alumni

I like the colors and sketchiness of it...nice!


It took me too long (about 10 seconds) to decipher it. Even then, it took me a second go-round because the first time I read, "He's gonna a war start." The design doesn't flow very well, despite its coolness.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

holly - i bought a shirt not to long ago, hopefully you got the points

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