Hero/Heroine: Everybody's Dying To Be One

Design by alanis

Hero/Heroine: Everybody's Dying To Be One by alanis on Threadless
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Clever idea with the male and female symbols and all.
Maybe smaller on the shirt?

Montro profile pic Alumni

Made me chuckle $5

the czar

Smart idea!


Clever! We will all have one of these sometime in the future.


clever idea but not so good on a shirt, sorry


I was thinking eternal love, rather than heroism, but a cool idea nonetheless. The arrow should be pointed slightly to the right.


maybe you could show just a small portion of the circles that both symbols connect to coming out of the ground. not to be so obvious, but to also hint more at the subject? i don't know.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Male female?! NO WAY. I thought the dead person on the right had an arrow tombstone to indicate he was heaven bound! Damn. Aside from the concept being hard to read, the art is ok. Nice lines. The ground coverage might be too thick, but overall, decent.

Ava Adore

mmmm clever

peachmango profile pic Alumni

Love it =)

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