here's da earth chillin'

Design by butlertotheb

here's da earth chillin' by butlertotheb on Threadless
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spires profile pic Alumni

the closeup is fabulous, but the shirt focuses more on the circle, which is a missed opportunity, in my opinion.

The tree and moon should take center stage.


I completely agree ^^


I love the irregular shape of your earth.
There have been a lot of silhouette designs lately, but this one is very cool.
The design stands out better on the lighter color.



the white thing (moon?) looks like the death star.


Spires is totaly right. Make those changes and you've got a $5 from me!


I think I finally 'see' the Man in the Moon.
So many times my friends and family
have pointed directly at the moon trying
to explain how they see "the Man" and
I couldn't perceive in the moon what
they were saying.

That little moon looks like a face.
I think its the Man in the Moon.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

you lose at least a point for such a stupid title that isn't even ironic.


I don't understand why there's a little white circle inside the moon.

.onion profile pic Alumni

agree with spires.


I like it, it's simple and nice.


trees. seriously, enough already. 0.

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