Here Kitty...Kitty

Design by Afromation

Here Kitty...Kitty by Afromation on Threadless
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The cats have funny noses, and the mist in the background bleeds into the drawings in a funny way. I feel like the drawings should be overlapping the mist, not the pther way 'round. It might 'pop' better without the shadows under the cats, too.

wotto profile pic Alumni
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I like how sinister they look. great job.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Awesome purple scary tigers.


not really feelin it. Needs more detail

Afromation profile pic Artist

I know my work is not for everyone so thanks for your opinions, I do not do my work to please anyone so. Whatever comments that are said towards my style it is what it is.

Afromation profile pic Artist

I know many people on threadless believe I suck and that is find as well I do what I do based on what comes to mind; I know that I won't be submitting anymore designs and for many on here that will make them happy.

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