Here Comes Minimalism

Design by briancook

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briancook profile pic Artist

This idea came about after a recent trip to an art museum. All those gold frames are really cool.

Please note that on the placement the white doesn't show up and obviously I couldn't get the gold foil to foily.


i second that!! great design


ahahaahha cool! =0)

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

This is cool, I like the restrained colors you have going on, and the idea is really nice!

walmazan profile pic Alumni

$5 great!



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I love the artwork, colors and style to this, i just wish there was a better payoff to the painting the man is looking at. Like a stick figure or a single line. But maybe im in the minority. This gets a 3 purely on looking amazing o the tee tho! Nice work.

briancook profile pic Artist

Haruhaiku - The minimalism in the title was meant to refer to the absence of a painting in the frame (once it melted out). That is also why I used the shirt color for that space.

During critique I played around with the idea of actually putting something behind the painting as FreakinAwesome said, but consensus was that this was the preferred design. I also think that with the frames being gold foil that it might be too much to add another element to draw attention.


No to the gold foil. It would limit the number of people wanting to buy it. Otherwise I love it.

briancook profile pic Artist

That's a good point dolly, I wish I could see what it would actually look like you know?




haha! looks awesome on the shirt :)


I really like this design! Awesome job!


Maybe split the difference on the gold foil and do some frames in foil, and others a brown or tan 'wood' tone !?! I think this would look great on a shirt though !

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

nice score man, congrats


i like your work, man! kick butt....

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

print print print print!!!!

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