Hercules' Final Task

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Hercules' Final Task by briancook on Threadless
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briancook profile pic Artist

It was actually more of a chore than a task...
The story may have been exaggerated over time.

Thanks for your comments.

reneehartig profile pic Alumni

Love the colors, you just seem to be getting better and better. Also, love the dogs, soooo frickin cute. $5


One small quibble, I'm sure easily resolved if the design wins:

The leash seems to be attached to the underside of Cerberus-2's chin, rather than to any of the collars.

Apart from that, adorable!

briancook profile pic Artist

evilstan - OOPS! I bumped the design over a little bit. Somehow the leash must not have been selected. I didn't even catch it, but it's correct on the placement version. It should be attached to the loop on the right collar.

Hope that doesn't deter anyone, thanks for catching it.



olie! profile pic Alumni

pretty funny, might have been funnier if one of cerberus' hind legs were lifted up

briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks LacyT-Shirt. Although, if there was a pun in there I'm totally lost.

Olie! - thought about it but wanted to steer clear of poop jokes.


or if the dog was sniffing a turd... lol.

but i'd leave it alone, with the exception on the leash/collar ordeal.


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