Her first gray hare.

Design by DaRobinBot

Her first gray hare. by DaRobinBot on Threadless
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like the concept but it need something else. Je ne sais quoi.


i'd like it if you just took out the hare.

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Thanks to everyone for the constructive criticism! I'm a bit new at this, so it's very much appreciated.


The general consensus seems to be this design would be much better off if it went hareless (not hairless). I like how the hair clashes with the rest of the picture because that was sort of the point in the first place when this was first started.

But let's say theoretically there wasn't a hare. What could be done to make it visually interesting and not just a blah bunch of face-shaped gray lines?

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Erk. Correction: I like how the HARE clashes with the rest of the picture.


I love the concept, I wish the illustration were executed better. Next time, try putting your design up for critique before you submit, you'll probably get better results.

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