Heman in Pulp Fiction

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Heman in Pulp Fiction by yiannz on Threadless
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hilarious...well illustrated..


Dats reel insensitive...

yiannz profile pic Artist

@SPYKEE, @je14: Thanks! Glad you find it funny :)

@hung-daddy33: Thanks for the feedback! Didn't meant to hurt any feelings...

Pez Banana

oh no, this is so wrong, but i love it! The He-Man fan in me has mixed feelings, but nothing is sacred and it made me laugh, so $5...

Skeletor is probably behind this.

yiannz profile pic Artist

@Pez Banana: Thanks man! I'm also a He-man fan... so much, that I've seen the '80s movie "Masters of the Universe" :) PS.: Skeletor actually took this picture himself, with his iphone :p

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