Helvetica, please

Design by Carrie Winecoff

Helvetica, please by Carrie Winecoff on Threadless
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staffell profile pic Alumni



verdana is my obvious choice.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Helvetica....yuck. The shirt idea is good, but I hate Helvetica. I used to be a production artist and had to redraw other people's logos all the time. Helvetica is the most over used font in the world. I'm tired of seeing it, and don't want it on a shirt.
I'll still give you a 4 for the concept. And yes, I realize that it probably wouldn't work with any other font but Helvetica.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

wow if i wore this I too could affiliate myself with narrow minded knobs.


"Anyone who uses Helvetica knows nothing about typefaces ."
-Wolfgang Weingart

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