Help! (in Morse code)

Design by thegoodpope

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thegoodpope profile pic Artist

Created for the Threadless Loves Threadless Challenge (or Create the New Trends.)

This is the Beatles song Help! (in Morse Code.)
How did I get here? Here was my train of thought:

1) When I think of new trends, I can't avoid thinking about history repeating itself. (Think about fashion.)

2) Then I started thinking about trends in communicating ideas.
(Text Messaging came to mind.)

3) A Text Message full of short forms and acronyms is very similar to a Telegraph
(History repeating itself again.)

4) Telegraphs where always transmitted as Morse Code.
(So what about doing something with Morse Code?)

5) And finally when I think about Morse Code, I think about distress calls.
(Calls for ‘Help!’)

6) And when I think about ‘Help!’ I think about the Beatles song.

Finally arriving at the Beatles song ‘Help!’ (in Morse Code.)

So, the new trend is… Word Association? History Repeating? Messages in Code?
I don’t really know, but I think it looks cool!


That is REALLY REALLY COOL! I love, love, love the back! It's awesome!


Maybe my favourite one.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

that's a really neat idea there.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

the detail in the back, makes this design work .

I like it!


Wow... lots of work. Very creative and great work@

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

Great effort! I like it a lot :)


This. Is. Awesome. $5

airobit profile pic Alumni


bengineer profile pic Alumni

great work!

Beaumont L

It's simple to see that you have experience with art. This is a great design and it deserves the 5 I gave it. I puke at this horrific piece of awesomeness. $5 for great design and cool idea.

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

5.. this is nice


always wanted to do a morse code-related design. thumbs up!


ya it's great . . . love the telegraph machine on the back but the morse code alphabet . . . not so much

brainrust profile pic Alumni

I would never have guessed the layers of meaning in this but I think it just plain looks good, especially with the back added in, and that's the big test for me!

digsy profile pic Alumni

clever idea - i like the back detail... it opens the whole design up and makes it easier to understand without being too obvious.
nice work!


Nice, I like the clasic sign hand on the back. Only thing that would annoy me if I wore it would be to constantly explain what it meant!

thegoodpope profile pic Artist

Some people like being asked about their Threadless Tee-Shirts. You Just say it's the Beatles song Help! in morse code.

Thanks again everyone!


Great work! I like the continuity that the back of the shirt gives the design.


Really cool idea! Good song too, woot woot!


Kind cool! 5$


it looks cool :) i missed it

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