Help from the Deep End

Design by grayehound


bortwein profile pic Alumni

I like the design on the blue, but I feel like it stands out the best on the grey. Very cool illustration. 5

grayehound profile pic Artist

I designed it for blue originally but found the PMS colors for blue to be too low contrast. Grey turned out to have a wider value range, but green seemed to be a good compromise.

It must be a visual trick, betty, cuz thos arms are as long as he is tall, a little less in fact. Can't do much about his legs, though...maybe it's the curves I used to give the under water effect that makes them feel like that.


$5 on grey or blue

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

pretty much what has been said... this is beautiful, the bubbles are exactly where they need to be, down to the very last one... but the hands are waaaaay wonky... they bend back too far and throw off the whole design in my opinion... not that its not great... i would say im gonna give you a 4 and ill reserve the 5$ if you resub with that adjustment, i dont mean to be too picky but i could see myself buying this and his hands look broken at the moment


I like it!


Wow, everything is awesome - the bubbles, and the fact that he has only one shoe. $5

jublin profile pic Alumni

that's fantastic! i bet it would work really well on the denim color.

this is really a great illustration. i would gladly wear it on my chest. or i guess it would be the side of my gut. Either way it's a 5 and money sign.


I KNOW this is different than "burn" but when you see it on the shirt it resembles it a lot.



great illustration
colors give a weird sense of depth

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Brilliant work, a solid red cross submission with some substance. I like the placement, dig the gray and I like the idea of possibly putting it on denim.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

that's a gorgeous illustration and I really love the green colour scheme.
Only one minor thing... the placement reminds me too much of 'burn'. Maybe just go for the conventional center placement or left or right shoulder

grayehound profile pic Artist

Okay, that makes three comments about the Red Cross drowning people...I guess that's the weak point with this idea.

The concept is all about hope (thus the title). The dude is in a bad situation, but there is a hand there to help. Bubbles go up, so I thought it would work to suggest he is being pulled to the surface with the help of each of these tiny pockets of air, much like the Red Cross relies on the small help of each volunteer to rescue those in dire straits. Did I miss? I guess for some people. In the end, though, I wanted something that'd be more for threadless but aimed at ARC rather than the other way around.


Oh wow...I looked at this for awhile, and then bam. I seen the hand in the bubbles. It was like a eureka moment. Nicely done.


I just figured out that the bubbles are a hand. Now I get it. Now I love it. Now I need it. 5$

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

fuckin' great! very detailed!

danrule profile pic Alumni

Great illo per usual,
maybe a little too hidden/esoteric in message, but I love it the same so $5

label profile pic Alumni

Excellent, really great job... this one is the best design ive seen so far. Love it, really well done. I think the problem could be solved if the people saw a high-res version so that they could appreciate it more.

Great job friend!



This is the best ARC design I have seen so far.


i think it is perfect and the arms and legs look fine. plus, we dont really need a high-res version because you can zoom in

grayehound profile pic Artist

Wow, actual discussion in a comment section. Whodda thunk it possible? In fact, BlackSheep is right (at least in my intention for this). I was aiming at capturing the action just at the turning point, right when the man had sunk as low as he would and before the bubble hand begins to pull him to the surface. The inspiration came from a photo a friend took underwater during a swim meet, just as the diver was beginning to turn to the surface and the bubbles were just beginning to rise. I like those moments, but I can understand why this is a confusing. I'm working on an alternate version that will show him moving up. That'll hopefully clear some of the confusion up.

Thanks everyone for the comments, and keep em coming!

Ava Adore

i like it, i think it works, but yeah a going up version would be nice to see.
awesome illus as usual!

She Says So



really superb.

mezo profile pic Alumni


Good work- the bubbles really make the design.


I like the design, but I have no clue what it has to do with the contest.


I don't get it!

No, not the design, I get that. I don't get you people!

Why're so many people having a problem getting this? It's a guy being saved by the bubbles goddamit! Don't you people see the hand? It's a subtle and powerful statement and it amazingly well illustrated. I think it's absolutely perfect for this contest! $5 and PLEASE PRINT!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

In all honesty, I missed the hand until a comment in a blog clued me in (dangit - and I call myself a visual guy). But I see it now, and I'm blown away - and that's enough for me. One way or another, this shirt should be printed on its own merits, and I would definitely buy it. I would love asking people "do you see the hand?"



I really really like this design, just not for the Red Cross.


on gray, please!

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