Hellish Torment

Design by The Maze

Hellish Torment by The Maze on Threadless
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The Maze
The Maze profile pic Artist

An eternity of endless torture in Hell!

Will work on any dark color.


LOL! Gives a whole new meaning to "using the head."

Montro profile pic Alumni


aled profile pic Alumni

This is brilliant.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The eyes/sirens on the side of the toilet are an extra stroke of awesomeness! Is that a fat version of the man in the yellow hat form Curious George raining down on that guy? Also, maybe the person shouldn't be as red as the devil to differentiate the tortured and the tortee more. But great work!

The Maze
The Maze profile pic Artist

Is curious george a monkey? Sorry to dissapoint you but here in Argentina that character doesnt even exist.

Thanks for all the comments!


Sorry, really don't like this.The artwork is good, it's more the concept I don't like.

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