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randyotter3000 profile pic Artist

if you dont get it, i dont get you! thats right im going there, see now your stumped so what im saying is :

Its times like these you learn to live again
Its times like these you give and give again
Its times like these you learn to love again
Its times like these time and time again

courtney pie

zero for being an asshole to t4sh4


courtney pie on Mar 27 '09
zero for being an asshole to t4sh4

courtney pie

i really hope for your sake that was directed at me or marble.

randyotter3000 profile pic Artist

or you will come beat me up? :'( lols try not posting your most imtimate life details on a tshirt website everyone has it shit sometimes get over it and lighten up, your not more hard done by than anyone else in this world

courtney pie

seriously. grow the fuck up and learn some manners. if you don't have anything to contribute then stfu and get out. it's a pretty tight little community in the blogs and we tend to share, if you're going to be an inconsiderate asshole just do it in your head. don't post in someones blog.

courtney pie

this has nothing to do with me lightening up, it has to do with you posting shit without reading the previous comments. or if you did read them then you're being an asshole.

courtney pie

this isn't an argument on the internet.

this is me, us, telling you that you're an asshole on the internet.


randyotter3000 profile pic Artist

rofl like i said no matter how bad ur life is someone else has it worse so pipe down, the ammount of self pity you have means i have no sympathy for you , you relish the fact you have threads kissing your ass and saying how perfect everything will be [ issues] :) xx

courtney pie

here's a clue dipshit.

apologize for making an idiot comment without reading the blog first.


Oh my god, are you seven years old? Did your mom forget to teach you "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"?

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

Aaron, many people here in Threadless care for people they love, so even if that first comment you made in the blog was not with bad intention, it made her sad. From that point you should have had respect for her. And first and above all, because she is a girl dude, and you don't talk like that to a woman. I please ask you to stop making those responses. There are other ways to say things.

courtney pie

are you effing kidding me?!

you told a pregnant woman that she's gonna crash and burn, when she happens to live in an area where plane recently crash and everyone on board died and you want me to ask you something nicely?!

just because you post lol or rofl or haha or any other indication that it's joke does not mean it's funny.


lol @ me being nice to you on your blog yesterday. you just failed so hard.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni


TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Some people fail to understand when they fail at the internet.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cute :D

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i think this shirt needs more than a simple nice design
like a message
an d i not even going to comment this little tussle so yea

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

dunno what going on here but be nice or go away. This is a nice website.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

that's the ugliest coyote i've ever seen.


There's got to be more to it in order to get on a tee.

staffell profile pic Alumni


jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Bio-bot 9000 on Mar 30 '09
that's the ugliest coyote i've ever seen.

randyotter3000 on Mar 30 '09
it isnt a coyote

For those who are just joining us, this was the funny part.


Ok!! First off, what is wrong with everybody. These blogs are supposed to be here to give the artist feed back. You dont have to understand or even like the design. That why its called ART. It's subjective. If you have constructive criticism then by all means spout it out. Simply saying "This is horse shit" or whatever does not help. Hate breeds hate.

So whatever the animal is, its original and everyone please respect all artists.


Art is subjective.
Crap is not.
This is crap.

randyotter3000 profile pic Artist

thanks for your thougth out arguement the way you backup your point with facts helps me to udnerstand where ive gone wrong, after looking at your non existent work it is clear you know what your talking about

*what im trying to say is fuck you and have a nice day :D *

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Tasha is cool like that. Just don't foul it up! :)


Rossmat is my hero Gush.

I totally got your design, Mr Otter. Your intro sounded like you take cocaine though. If you do, you should probably not.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i just read that whole conversation again and I was glad to take part

i think the funniest part was this

when if he is referring this to threadless, then it is ironic because he did win twice but if he is referring to the argument then idk

evan3 profile pic Alumni


Talking To The Ground on Mar 27 '09 Have fun never winning on this Randy.

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