heavy medals

Design by ni.m.

heavy medals



Incredible. I would buy this instantly, and then I'd buy some more.


loved the style! Love the design!
I adore when a shirt has a very perfeccionist pic

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Conceptually one of the strongest things on the site. It almost cries out for one more color to really make it pop, but very, very nice illustration.


to ni.m :

Is this design a statement against all wars
or against those individuals who use war
to gain recognition ? Or both ?

Ava Adore

nice, i can see this one took a long time to do, and the work is worth it.


needs to be on army green.


I'm giving this shirt a FIVE desipite of the small things I would critique on it. I hate to be one of those guys who says "change the placement & its a 5$", "change the color & I'm buying it", "yatta yatta yatta". But seriously, I'm not digging this shirt color for this design. I'm thinking an athletic grey or a charcoal shirt color would do this design more justice. BECAUSE IT IS AN AMAZING ILLUSTRATION. & you're racking up the scores merely because of that.

The message of the shirt is thought provoking. I know there is a time for war and a time for peace...but this artwork really shows the evil of man. Many would like to make this a politcal statement now...but I think its much more than that.


I'm not sure about the shirt color, just because I think it's a yucky color, but you know what? You still get a $5 from me because this design and the message behind it is incredible.


Dood, thats sick, in a good way! I really like the mustche!!


lots of work... it looks nice!


you could easily make that a pro-war shirt if the guy was obviously crying


i hate political shirts
but wow.

this is what a political shirt should be
not a bad george bush stencil or oil rig stencil slapped onto something.



have you ever seen the cartoon "War is Glory" by Thomas Nas(t?)? this sort of reminds me of it in how it presents its message - the cartoon has a skeleton draped in medals and a laurel wreath sitting on a pedestal amid dead bodies and explosions.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

bows down

that is simply the most amazing design ive ever seen. the shirt color sucks, but the image is so powerful it makes up for it. and then some.

if i had money, id buy this in a heartbeat. especially if it wear on a different color. it would probably look good on a khaki or army green color as well as charcoal/black/white...

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