heavenly showers

Design by i carnt spel

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mezo profile pic Alumni

HAHA! I love how god is rendered! And his cute little tight booty. What is the thing to the lef of the cloud toilet?


If i carnt spel hasn't been hit by lightning yet, that may be proof positive that there is no god...

Or maybe he's just biding his time. Or her time. Whatever you believe.


the positioning is awkward. looks like he's behind the toilet and peeing backwards.


God's face looks awesome, the way he is rendered it great, very cool style. I'm a Christian, but I would wear this any day!


joshamman, I think God can probably pee any way he wants. Heck, he could do it out of his elbow, I'd imagine. Or even not pee at all. That's the thing about being God, you get to do whatever you want. When I was a kid I was so jealous because boys could pee standing up. But you guys can't really wear dresses without catching grief, so it balances out. Dresses can be pretty darn comfy.


ahahahahahahaha, this is fantastic!!! 5$

Frank Vice

i always love a gold shower

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

pee pee! what about poo poo!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

haha such lush lips!


for such hairy facialness, god has a pretty smooth ass.

R G profile pic Alumni


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

that's a 5ver in my book!


Yeah! Blasphemy my ass... God wouldnt have invented pee and tshirts if he didnt want a Tshirt with Pee on it!!! $5

The Jolly Brewer

Has God got a right angled nob? He can obviously pee around corners!

The Jolly Brewer

"nice design, but i gotta pull the blasphemy card. It bothers me, and I'm usually pretty laid back about that kind of thing, so im gonna have to vote this down :( sorry"



this is aweful


God couldn't pee like that because God is a woman.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Why does God need pants? lol. Anywho, I like the placement, the patterns to the "golden shower" and whatnot, I even like the cloudy toilet bowl....I just don't think i'd wear it. It's as simple as that...nothing really to add to the design, besides possibly another cloud on the bottom left of the design...still glad to see this on the site.

Edword profile pic Alumni

god never misses:)

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

before people bitched about blasphemy, carnt spel never made ANY claims saying this design was about god. Merely about "someone" in heaven. According to bible bashers, that could be alot (or not many) people. Either way, it needn't automatically be god.


i think the designer has made it pretty clear it was god

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