Head for the Hills

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Head for the Hills by lofty softy on Threadless
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lofty softy
lofty softy profile pic Artist

check my blog for details. thanks!


very interesting 5$


good texture of the shading.


i'm not completely wild about the design but for some reason i really like it on the shirts. bizarro.


Reminds me of the pokemon Dugtrio. I think that was the name. But yeah- i'll stop. :)


i hate the girl's color. why do we need different colors?

lofty softy
lofty softy profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments so far everyone.
numbb: we don't need different colors, i was just showing variety because i thought both were pretty nice and i would let voters/threadless decide what they like more. check my blog, i've posted pictures of girls and guys wearing both colors and then some.
thanks for the comments, everyone!


I love it, i'd friggin wear it... very cutting edge! 5$

lofty softy
lofty softy profile pic Artist

nope, it's definitely not a pokemon.

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