he didn't just kill the cat.

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he didn't just kill the cat. by jstumpenhorst on Threadless
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sonmi profile pic Alumni

awesome! i love your style.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

no that i'm saying that i'm an excellent artist... um, nevermind. paranoia slipping in. i can feel my self losing votes as i am five of the first six comments.

le_hell profile pic Alumni


valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

$5. Love the way you do faces!

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

curiousity looks like one mean mofo


totally agree about the edward gorey connection.


Great style!


Great illustration. For a t-shirt design though, think i would like to see it a lot tighter.


like the illustration - but i agree with kayne - the overall composition isn't so good for a tee: two objects over boobs (possibly with faces pinpointing your tits - depending on placement), imbalance of dark/light elements (i'd prefer if the dog was shaded a dark grey), overall very rectangular image (which doesn't always work well when stretched over 3d anatomy) - - - - not trying to be mean, i like your work, but i think (like many on here) you need to think about the image as wearable art, and how it will really look ON a body


god, you're artwork is beautiful


I love your drawing style! But I prefer nonviolent shirts. $4 :)

jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

thanks all! i see you guys are saying (kayne and rudra). maybe i will work on a tighter T design and resub. but let's see how this one does first.

Gunslinger_ Extraordinaire

i dunno if i would buy it, cause i can't wear it, i'll get in trouble at school..

deepspacemonkey profile pic Alumni

This is pretty awesome man, DO NOT RE-SUB, this is fine the way it is. People just aren't too kean on hand rendered designs on this site, it's too bad though I would pick this up in a heart beat. keep at it. PS: why does everyone keep talking about why they can't wear these shirts to school? Who cares? wear it after school, on the week-nuts and after you graduate.


I definitely thought it was a dog, maybe a boxer or boston terrier. but the pointy ears might make it look sorta catish. this reminds me of rocky and bulwinkle a little bit, which is weird, cause I never watched the show.


ooh, nice!


My love of dogs would prevent me from buying this shirt :) ..... BUT the design does rock! Awesome style and details.


This shirt is terrifying!

Very well-done illustration, though I agree about the design elements having some issues.

R_G profile pic Alumni

you are full of style!!! nice, very nice work!

jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist


deadPoetic... the black "curiosity" character was a favorite of mine as well. i thought it would be hilarious to have him have a single suit with the hood having the top hat in it. well, at least i though it would be amusing to look at.


I'm agreeing with several folks and saying that I love your illustration style. However, it's not the composition that I have a problem with. I just don't like the idea. I think you've probably got it in you to be a little more witty. Keep the creepy style and make the characters do something not creepy. A gun is too obvious. Then, I'll buy it.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni



niceee.. vientoss.. la curiosidad mato al gato


this is great! i love it! 5$

jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

broken.yoke you are the second person to mention the decemberists to me. i am trying to think of something to sub for their competition.

oh, and i wish i spoke spanish? jesspachec so i knew what you were saying about the curious cat?

jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

maybe if this doesn't get printed he will show up in a future design. who knows, maybe he will even if it does.

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