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Elbeardo profile pic Artist

I have one of these washable markers, and they will write on the T-Shirt print without wiping off until you put it in the wash. If you do happen to change your mind about your design part way through the day however, you can wash it off with a damp cloth.

Now, if Threadless can't ship a marker with the shirt, don't worry, you can pick them up from pretty much anywhere that sells Crayola markers.

If this shirt gets printed, I can't wait to see the user-submitted product photos to see what designs you all come up with!

Until next time... "Have A Day".


cool, but i dunno if they have the material used for that, or is it like an iron on material?

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni

Good idea! I like this.


Must go blog this now!


that is such a good idea, you could put any feeling that either you or someone else is feeling...


no, the ink essentially disitegrates, i've written on shirts before and they've come out of the washing machine fine


I wanted to do something like this, but i didnt think it would fly :(
good job doing it first.
those markers only wash off smooth surfaces i think.
This also remindeds me of digg.com's "I Digg ____" shirt that came with mini-sharpies

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

I also wasn't sure if it would fly, but figured if enough people voted for it, Threadless would probably go for it. Obviously Threadless would want to check that it works on their prints. I have a T-shirt (not threadless) that I write on all the time (on the print), and it comes off with no problems. I wash it with other clothes, and nothing gets stained.


This is a really cool idea! It's nice to such an interesting concept.

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

I like it best on the blue, but I do think it's pretty classic on the yellow.

The Jolly Brewer

That's a really good idea. I like it.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Great idea, man.


hahahahaha, that's a good idea, but wouldn't they become suspicious after you come in smelling like really bad gym socks?

but still, dude, awesome idea $5

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

^^Have a Smelly Day?

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone! I hadn't expected such a great response. It sounds like people will have a lot of fun with this design. I really hope this one gets made.


I would totally buy this! But where to get a marker....


have a ninja day...awesome

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

Ninja day would use up a lot of your marker :)


wow what a great idea its so cool


i think old navy had a shirt like this a couple years ago


I like the melancholy one :D


hehe i like!


i think it's a great idea for a shirt, but i think it may be ahead of its time.

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

The marker that I use on my shirts is the one pictured (I actually just scanned it in my scanner). It works on all of the screen-printed shirts that I have tested it on. I haven't tested it on a Threadless shirt (as my first order has not arrived yet) so obviously Threadless would want to test it out before committing to the design. If the above responses are anything to go by it looks like it would be worth giving it a go.

Thank you everyone for your votes and fantastic comments. I'm really glad that this design has been so well recieved.

Have A Day.

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

have a FINAL day (of voting!)

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

I really wanted to keep the design simple. Firstly to match the "Have a Nice Day" shirts from the '70s and secondly to give more freedom to the owner of the shirt to come up with different designs.


Nice, this is a really good idea.

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

wow! I finally scored above 2.
Thanks for your votes everyone.

Jemae profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted - Score Now!

nice score!...CONGRATS, dude! :D

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

Thanks Jemae... now let's see what happens...

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni

Well, it will PRINT!! Congrat for the nice score.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

great score dude!


this idea is so cool!
I'd love to get it :)
keep you entertained, hehe

Elbeardo profile pic Artist

I'm hoping that the new inks will be more suited to this design.

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