Haunted Hunter

Design by Gringz

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very nice - cool idea


Contender - $4


is that Bat Boy on the far left?!

I really like this. I'd buy it for my Bat Boy-obsessed friend!


Cool! Is he gonna go after the harryhausen monsters next?

think there could be a smidgen of wall- otherwise the heads almost appear to be floating.


How wierd. I had a dream about something so similiar to this the other night I got up and sketched it. Odd - really odd (My version had an umbrella stand full of stakes)


one more color please.
just a simple one that won't make it look so blah from far away.

Ava Adore

just awesome


the gun should be angled back just a little - right now it looks like he's gonna poke frankenstein up the nose with it.

nice to see an original hand-done illustration. i like the simple one color outline.

i'd like to see what it would look like if the colors were reversed (light ink on dark shirt). not a fan of white or cream colored shirts.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Fantastic. For me such a white (or light) shirt wouldn't do but this will probably look great on any colour. Nice style!


I'd buy it in a heartbeat! $5!


i'd like it more if there was some color

mezo profile pic Alumni


The colors are not my personal favorite- but doesn't take away from the art.

If you disconnect the gun from the Frankenstien head (maybe resting the gun casually on the hunters lap) I will totally $ this.

Regardless of that minor detail- 5.

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