Haunted Hunt

Design by Mathmatic

Haunted Hunt by Mathmatic on Threadless
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a little boxy on top . . . you might want to do something about that. Otherwise it is a cool design.


An absolutely gorgeous illustration, and very well executed. The way the top crops bothers me though, while the other sides end in an organic shape. It makes everything look a bit truncated and rectangular.

Still, very well done!


i would have preferred the ghost outlines to follow the original animal shape, it kind of looks to me as if the deer skeleton is wearing a transparent nightgown ;-) besides that, i think it's a really great design, creating an atmosphere!

Bio-bot 9000
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i wish the elk didnt have the ghostly "sheet" draped over it. i think it would be really cool if just the body outline was transparent. the sheet look seems too corny. but a great concept. maybe work on it some more and resub it.

Skap 1er

ooooooooh, spooky


Really cool I like that hunter in the background id wear this, I like the drawing you did on the trees to awesome!


everyone understands that the 'sheet' effect was intentional, but no one likes it! you seem to think that because it was intentional it is somehow the only/right way to execute this design. if you are interested in making an image to please the masses that will sell, you will sacrifice this small element. if you are interested only in producing work to satisfy yourself, you're definitely presenting it in the wrong arena.


sorry mathmatic - i honestly misinterpreted your attitude and thought you were just being stubborn. it is of course always good to stay true to your artistic identity, and i didn't mean to say that just because i (and a few others) don't like it that you "SHOULD" change it. good luck!

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