Hare today, gone tomorrow

Design by Raid71

Hare today, gone tomorrow by Raid71 on Threadless
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funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

this is soo great! i love it on the green/mint


oooo the mint is divine

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Pretty cool! I like it on yellow!


Is that a bunny ghost?

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I know that this was a stylistic choice on your part, but this would have been more pleasing to me if the red rabbit were more in the style of the rest of the shirt.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

no way, the red rabbit style is what makes this awesome!!


I'd have to agree that the style of the red rabbit really makes this design... yellow shirt preference.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

You and your transparency approach, Raid.


do ghost bunnies really look that different than physical bunnies? the styles look odd together. i don't hate it, but i wouldn't buy it

Raid71 profile pic Artist

FACT: ghost bunnies do look different to physical bunnies; watch the documentary film 'Watership Down' for proof

steven218 profile pic Alumni


herky profile pic Alumni

awesome illustration and transparency effect, looks great on aqua.


Brilliant - a fantastic combo of old and new. $5 Me want!

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Awesome. Looks great on the light green.


I LOVE the layering. Nice use of color $5


Mint is the best!!!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is great my only issue with it is teh pink in teh red rabbit but .. I can get past that .. very very nice

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

yay to roadkill!!!!!!


The idea of this would make me sad except I've gotten too used to seeing it everytime I drive on any sort of rural road in Utah. One time we hit one Easter even. Shouldn't it be a Jack Rabbit though? I love the design style.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Love your stuff Raid, but this isn't a homerun like a lot of your stuff...
The colors are bothering me a bit. I like the colors in the large design. I can't stand the colors on the shirts you show though. And I can't really think of a shirt color that matchs that greenish blue color in the main design. Maybe I'm wrong about that though.
Anyway, the illustration is very nice as always, but the mixed styles does hamper the design a bit. I hate to agree with the others that have said that.

Oh well, I'm sure you have many more up your sleeve that'll blow me away.

Raid71 profile pic Artist

jpiatt- thanks for your crit; this was an experimental idea there are somethings that work in the design, somethings that don't...

appreciate your comments as always

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

I for one think this is great. Great contrast between your "style" and a more realistic approach. The only thing that bothers me is the lighting? (pink color) on the rabbit. It needs some on the face. Regardless I'd buy it if they printed it. $4.

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