Happy With Pants

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Happy With Pants by bananaphone on Threadless
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Matt Giraffe: Artist Comments: "A deep piece about modern culture. I don't expect a tenth of you to understand it but that's ok because even as a piece of art I am sure that you'll appreciate the craftsmanship."

...uh, okay.


I've given you a '0' on every submission ever. Congrats.


banana phone stop submitting ugly drawings. 0


I want to like bananaphone's stuff.

But I get the feeling that he could not possibly care less if anyone likes his stuff.

It's cute but it reads like he/she is intentionally putting as little effort into it as possible. Try designing sober or keep working for more than 3 minutes. You'd probably get a winner out of it.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

almost direnerd, but no cigar.


I don't understand the inconsistencies in coloring it. If it weren't for that it's be like a 0.5 if possible.


no matt giraffe!
get outa my head!
stop your subliminal messages!


i would wear this mostly becuase i always dress in skirts



jesus i wish this would get printed. can i buy this one independently?

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